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 Riverfront Master Plan 2014
Citizen Participation Program Launched

The City of Spokane Parks & Recreation Department has formally launched the first two steps of a comprehensive citizen-participation program as part of the Riverfront Park master planning process.  A website, dedicated to the Master Plan and a video outreach program, are tools intended to help the public engage. Both can be accessed either within the Park via posted QR Codes or directly from the webpage.  The primary purpose of Master Plan 2014 is to detail and finalize the strategies outlined in Phase I, which was completed in 2012. Those strategies will guide the growth and development of Riverfront Park for the next 40 years.  The Master Plan website provides information on everything from the goals and principles of the Master Plan to important upcoming events, and ways that citizens can directly participate in the process.

“We are excited to engage the public throughout this planning process,” says Parks Director Leroy Eadie, “We are planning lots of opportunities and events where folks can chime in and provide input on the future development of the Park.”  A key component of the webpage is a section titled, “Take our Survey.” Spokane Parks’ staff worked with Purple Crayon Productions to develop a series of one-to-two-minute videos highlighting key areas of the Park, discussing
potential changes to those areas, and asking viewers to comment on a few specific questions. Viewers can make comments directly onto the webpage.

“While there have been no decisions yet as to what will happen in the Park, the video questions highlight ideas that surfaced during initial discussions with the Parks Board,” says Juliet Sinisterra, Project Manager for the Master Plan 2014. “We are excited to hear from the public on these concepts
Visitors to the webpage are also encouraged to sign up for a monthly enewsletter that will launch later this month, giving regular updates on ways to provide feedback to the process


Group will be chaired by Ted McGregor




On Monday, March 18 the Park Board, Mayor and Parks & Recreation staff held a news conference to announce that Ted McGregor, publisher of The Inlander, had agreed to chair the new Riverfront Park Citizens Advisory Committee to provide strategic planning for development of a major re-investment in Riverfront Park.

About the Committee

The Riverfront Park Citizens Advisory Committee is being created by the Park Board in concert with Mayor David Condon. Its members will be confirmed by City Council.  The committee will provide overall guidance to City staff and the Park Board as plans are developed for a major re-investment in Riverfront Park via the Master Plan. 

McGregor will chair a group of 15 – 18 yet-to-be-named community leaders who will serve on the year-long committee.

Today, McGregor talked about why this assignment is important to him as a father of three and as a citizen who appreciates all that makes Spokane a great place to live.  He also recognizes the need for economic development and a refresh of Riverfront Park.

“Riverfront Park is the heart and soul of Spokane, which is why every citizen has such strong feelings about it,” McGregor said. “But while the Park is special to us, I think we also feel like it’s not living up to its potential. So after 40 years of more or less staying the course, we need to make a few smart changes so it will serve Spokane for the next 40 years,” McGregor said.

“Riverfront Park is a lot like Spokane — on the verge of something great, but not quite there yet. And that’s right where city leaders were back in the 1950s, when they started looking for some kind of spark. They gave us Expo ’74 and Riverfront Park. Now it falls to our generation to build on that legacy.

“I think a lot of the answers are right in front of us, we just need to agree on a plan of attack. And that’s where this committee comes in — to process all the best ideas in this community and from around the world,” McGregor added.

“From the Spokane Falls to the Carrousel to the Garbage Goat, we have a lot to work with. There’s absolutely no reason we can’t have one of the biggest attractions in the American West right here — and all the economic vitality that comes with that.”

About Ted McGregor

Ted S. McGregor, Jr. grew up in Spokane and attended Gonzaga Prep high school and the University of Washington.  While studying for his Master’s in Journalism at the University of Missouri, he completed a professional project on starting a weekly newspaper in Spokane.  In 1993, he turned that project into reality by founding The Inlander and has served as its publisher ever since.

View the approved Phase 1 - Master Plan.


Other Completed Steps

Incorporate relevant input from stakeholder and public meetings
Review Riverfront Park Conceptual Master Plan-Phase 1:
- With Riverfront Park subcommittee of the Park Board in June
- Seek approval of Riverfront Park Master Plan – Phase 1 from Park Board in July, 2012

What Happens Next?

Begin work on Riverfront Park Master Plan - Phase 2:
- Research & recommend “program zone” improvements & amenities
- Conduct feasibility study (financial/business plans, if warranted) on recommended improvements & amenities
- Prioritize recommendations
- Determine funding strategies



The following were presented at the July 12 Park Board Study Session:
       - Resolution for Master Plan Adoption
       - Phase One - Final
       - 1975-85 Master Plan Summary of Riverfront Park Related Studes: Part 1, Part 1A, Part 2
       - 1988-92 Master Plan Summary of Riverfront Park Related Studies: Part 3
       - 2001 Riverfront Park Master Plan MIG
       - 2009 North Bank Phase I Summary MIG

Comments may be sent to riverfrontparkmasterplan@spokanecity.org