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  The 2014 Riverfront Park IMAX Theatre season

will include at least 6 features


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Please note the Riverfront Park IMAX is Not 3D



Adults (18+): $8.50
Youth (3-12): $6
Youth (0-2): Free with paid adult
Season Pass Discount: included
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March - Hidden Universe  and  Kenya - Animal Kingdom
April - Hidden Universe   and   Kenya - Animal Kingdom   and   Island of the Lemurs: Madagascar
May - Great White Shark   and   Hidden Universe   and  
Rocky Mountain Express    and    Titans of the Ice Age
June -  Titans of the Ice Age   and   Hidden Universe   and     Rocky Mountain Express
July - Titans of the Ice Age   and    Rocky Mountain Express   and    Kenya - Animal Kingdom
August -  Titans of the Ice Age   and   Whales and Dolphins   and   Hidden Universe



Riverfront Park's IMAX Giant Screen Theatre is not 3D.
Features and times are subject to change

Seniors, day camps, businesses and church groups are enouraged to book their selections by calling 509.625.6612.

The IMAX Theatre is also available for private bookings.


About our IMAX:

 The Riverfront Park IMAX boasts the largest indoor free standing screen in the Pacific Northwest offering an experience, not just a movie.  Viewing a movie at the IMAX allows you to experiance the clarity of the picture which intensifies the details of every image through the use of IMAX proprietary film technology.  Finally the Riverfront Park IMAX Theatre incorporates an exclusive digital six channel sound system which will immerse your senses as you EXPERIENCE IMAX.
Celebrating 40 years of Expo - See one of the first IMAX features MAN BELONGS TO THE EARTH  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKzEaPS8kAo



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What makes the difference between the Riverfront Park IMAX Theatre image vs. other area theatres? The 70 millimeter IMAX film used in our films are 10 times larger than the standard film used in standard theatres. Each film frame is 3 inches by 2 3/4 inches.   Each frame is pulled through the projector at 24 frames per second thus providing a much higher quality image presentation.  These images are then projected onto the screen via a 4,500 watt Zenon lamp.  There is conjecture that if this lamp were turned on uncovered outside of the IMAX theatre, it would be bright enough to be seen in space.  The final images are presented onto a screen which is over 53 feet tall by 69 feet wide.



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IMAX film does not include an embedded soundtrack as do other film theatres. A separate digital 6-track recording is synchronized to the film frames. These audio tracks are played directly off a hard disk drive which is then distributed directly to the amplifiers rather than using a decoding method, such as Dolby Digital. The audio is then presented via our six speaker system producing a three dimensional effect. This method of production accounts for our higher quality sound experience.

 The Riverfront Park IMAX theatre also has assisted listening devices available for persons with hearing impairments.  Our wireless system offers both standard wireless receivers with Ear Speakers and “T” coil neck loops for patrons with applicable hearing aids. Please consult our staff at the concessions counter for assisted listening devices.


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The original IMAX Theatre at Riverfront Park was built for the World’s Fair - Expo 74 and was located under the U.S. Pavilion tent structure.  The system was only the 3rd IMAX film system in existence at the time.  The present IMAX facility was designed and constructed in its current location in 1978.  The Riverfront Park IMAX theatre was designed exclusively to accommodate the IMAX experience.  The increase resolution of the film has allowed the audience to be much closer to the screen and the theatre seating is placed at a much higher angle than typical conventional theatres.  This design allows viewers to experience the show throughout their entire field of vision and feel as if they are inside of the movie.
Incidentally, the term IMAX stands for Image MAXimum.