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 The Riverfront Park Rotary Fountain is open.

The Riverfront Park Rotary Fountain is located on Howard Street at the South entrance to Riverfront Park. It is a popular attraction for beating the Summer heat. The kids love it!

Dedicated on September 1st, 2005 to “the people of Spokane” and under the care of the Spokane Parks Department, the fountain is destined to be a popular attraction for many years to come. The Downtown Spokane Rotary Club 21 and the Spokane Parks Department worked together to make the fountain a reality. Financial support was also provided by numerous donors whose names appear around the fountain. Harold Balazs is the artist.

The fountain has 5 stainless steel columns that are 24 feet tall. These support a 30 foot diameter ring containing 40 overhead jets. The jets spray towards the middle of the fountain producing a dome of water and a waterfall in the fountain’s center. Eight geysers shoot water upwards. The fountain also has dozens of mist jets, and the 5 boulders have jets that spray sideways. To conserve water, the fountain water is filtered and recirculated.

You can catch the fountain in action from Spring to Fall, 6am to midnight.