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Red Wagon

Artist: Ken Spiering

“The Childhood Express”

Have you ever seen a red wagon this big?

This “larger than life” symbol of childhood is also an interactive sculpture. The handle doubles as a slide! Relax on a park bench and enjoy the beauty of the park while your kids play. Or hey, slide down the handle yourself! (We won’t tell anyone…)



The Junior League of Spokane plaque dated August 18, 1990 reads: This sculpture is dedicated to Spokane’s children, as a reflection of the past, created in the present, to last into the future.

Facts about the Red Wagon

  * Created for the Centennial Celebration of Children - 1989
  * Dimensions - 12’ high x 12’ wide x 27’ long.
  * Weight - 26 tons.
  * Made of steel and reinforced concrete.
  * Will hold as many as 300 people supporting 100 lbs. per square foot.
  * 43” high edges with the rounded pinch points removed.
  * Curbing ranges from 6’ to 10’ away from the sculpture itself.