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Public Market

April 20 - September 2, 2013
(weekends only)
Arts, Crafts & Commercial Vending
(No Food, Beverage or Candy Items)
(Vendors may not sublet space to others)
(Tobacco, Drug Paraphernalia and related products
ARE NOT permitted for sale)

Public Market 2013 Fees: (1)
$40.00 (per day) or two days for $60.00
(No Rain checks or Refunds)
(Weekends only, subject to change)

Vehicle Access Permit
$15.00 plus 8.7% wsst (valid all year) = $16.31

Hours of Operation:

Saturday & Sunday
Set-up: 8:00am - 10:00am

Open: 10:00am
Close: 6:00pm

Move-out: 6:00pm

Space Size: 10’ x 10’ to 10’ x 16’ (approx)
Click here to download an application
Public Market Application.pdf (50.3KB)

Policies & Regulations

Display & Sales of Products:
Market participants must keep booth areas neat, clean and in accordance with requirements of all applicable state laws, city ordinances and rules of the Riverfront Park Public Market. NO STAKES IN GROUND

It is not permitted to sell or offer for sale anything that is of an unwholesome or deleterious nature; or to resort to trickery, concealment, artifice, or untruth for the purpose of concealing or misrepresenting the true nature of merchandise sold; or to resort to any unfair dealing or to cheat any person in any manner; or treat any persons in a rough, vulgar, profane, or abusive manner.

Conduct of Business:
- No market participant shall conduct market related business in violation of any Spokane City Ordinance or Washington State Law.
- Babies and children are permitted in booths while their parents sell as long as they do not create a nuisance or disturbance.
- No animals are allowed in booths.
- No vehicles are allowed in market during hours of operation.
- Booth must be open and staffed during Public Market hours.

Policies & Regulations:

The Riverfront Park Public Market is an outdoor venue. Vendors must be prepared for all varieties of weather conditions. If you are not prepared for outdoor vending, please do not set up.

- No vending of any item that may be mistaken or misconstrued for any type of weapon.
- No vending of snap pops, stink bombs, silly string or similar items.
- A vendor selling any product that produces excessive litter or mess in Riverfront Park will be subject to a refuse abatement charge of up to $50.00 per day.
- Prices and times are subject to change.
- Authorized vehicle access pass required to enter park. Vehicle access pass must be displayed in front window of vehicle. Vehicle insurance required to enter park.

Vendor Must Have:
City of Spokane Business License 509.625.6070
State Sales Tax Number 509.482.3800
Copy of your Vehicle Insurance

1Vending fee must be paid daily at the Riverfront Park Guest Services office in the Pavilion.
  Set-up, take down, operating hours and location will vary during large public events.