Riverfront Park Official Website


Regular Parking 

Convenient and affordable parking is available daily around Riverfront Park.     

Parking Lots #1-5

Lot #1 is located on the North end of the Washington Street Bridge.
Lot #2 is located just north off the park on the corner of Howard and Mallon. (South of the Spokane Arena)
Lot #3, #4, and #5 are all located on Cataldo Street, between Howard and Washington.


Daily Rates Lots 1 & 2
0-10 Hours: $5.00       
($10.00 oversized)


 Daily Rates Lots 3, 4 & 5
0-10 Hours: $3.00         
($10.00 oversized)

 Event Parking:
$5.00-10.00 for special events

Quarterly Parking:
$49.99 per quarter incl. tax (excluding special events)



Parking Lot #6 (formerly the YMCA lot) - Located on the west side of the park off Post Street, North of Spokane Falls Boulevard.  Located steps away from the Spokane Falls SkyRide and most convenient ADA, IMAX and Pavilion parking. 

Daily Rates
0 - 10 Hours ............ $5.00

Event Parking:
$10.00 for special events


Lot #7 (formerly the Bosch lot)

Located on Lincoln Street, between Bridge and Broadway

Daily Rates
$3.00 per day

 Monthly Parking:

$45.00 per month incl. tax (excluding special events)








To purchase permits, please visit Guest Services at the Pavilion in Riverfront Park or call 509.625.6601.

For parking problems or concerns please contact Riverfront Park Parking Services or call 509.625.6605.