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America IS another name for opportunity and at no time during the year is this opportunity more distinguished then on July 4th, the celebration of our nation’s independence.  People of all races, creeds and colors join together to embrace the freedoms bestowed on our nation by our founding fathers.  We would like to invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to support our community, and more over to champion the principals which are the foundation of our great nation.

The Inland Northwest provides its people myriad options as to how they will celebrate the 4th of July, options as diverse as the people themselves.  From the small family gathering in their backyard, to the grandest celebration with tens of thousands of people in the heart of downtown, people love to celebrate Independence Day.  In 2013 we will again offer entertainment of all kinds which will culminate in a spectacular fireworks show in the heart of downtown.  All of this will be provided as a free service to the people of the Inland Northwest thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.  That’s where we invite you to come play with us.

We have already started work on our 2014 celebration and have created various sponsorship levels accompanied by outstanding rewards which reach far beyond the cost of your financial support. Together with our media partners, we offer onsite, offsite, pre-event, post-event, electronic and print media recognition for your business.  In addition, we offer access for you, your staff or your clients to join us in the park and take advantage of the rides and attractions we offer.  Most of all we offer you an opportunity to become a tangible part of this celebration of freedom, independence and opportunity which is America.  Individualized sponsorship packages are also available which can be tailored to your business needs.  Please consider supporting this wonderful community event and joining us as we celebrate these great United States.

To review sponsorship opportunities still available, please contact:
Dale Larsen

Riverfront Park
507 North Howard
Spokane, WA 99201