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Spokane Riverfront Park Collection

Riverfront Park #1

“Oliver’s Pride”, so named because it was Bill Oliver’s favorite, is one of the six “armoured” horses personally sculpted by Charles Looff for the carousel.

Riverfront Park #2

“Snow Dancer” is an example of Charles Looff’s famous Coney Island carving style, and one of the few he carved with a closed mouth smile.

Riverfront Park #3

Looff was the only carousel manufacturer to produce a tiger in this stalking, pouncing pose. Of those three, only “Sneaky” can still be seen and ridden on an operating machine. The other two are in private collections.

Riverfront Park #4

“Looffun” was always a favorite of Geri Sperling, step-daughter of Lloyd Vogel, the owner of Natatorium Park.

Riverfront Park #5

Looff carved this magnificent horse in a full gallop. “Rainbow Warrior” strains at the bit, charging into the wind.

Riverfront Park #6

“Daisy” - also known as the"Wishing Horse”. Legend has it, if you catch the Brass Ring while riding her, your wish will come true.

Riverfront Park #7

Dressed in Gothic style, “Chastity” boasts medieval jewelry and the signature Looff front piece in a star pattern.

Riverfront Park #8

“Cisco” - Carved in “Stargazer style”, head back and ready to lunge forward.

Riverfront Park #9



Riverfront Park #10


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